Rizpah Network

We are a leading non-profit organization with chapters in the District of Columbia & Tennessee, invested in healing and helping individuals, families, & communities impacted by violence through art.


Why the Name Rizpah? Rizpah is the name of a biblical character and traumatized mother grieved by an act of vengeance, after her sons were murdered at the hands of enemies sworn, to eradicate their bloodline. Rizpah represents the heart cry of those of us, who carry unresolved grief, and often sit in a place of pain, until God hears and answers.

Rizpah in Greek also means HOPE, and it is from this story of resilience, in the midst of great suffering, that parents of murdered children, can begin to Shift Pain into Purpose, as they advocate on behalf of their murdered sons/daughters, as well as other victims of senseless violence.


We are committed to utilizing the creative arts as a catalyst to help heal families and communities traumatized by violence. We believe that, the complex problems facing our communities, can be solved with creativity and innovation. Rizpah, is committed to leading through art, while nurturing hope, building resilience and intentionally engaging in efforts that will effect change, in response to the violence plaquing our communities.


Since 2013, Rizpah Network, has taken the lead in helping to restore the strength, stability, and sanity of individuals, families, and communities left traumatized in the aftermath of violence. Utilizing the arts, as a means to not only strengthen the voices of victims/survivors, but to honor those lives, that ended before they were over.​

Today as an organization, Rizpah Network continues to build on this legacy by providing a platform for victims and survivors of violence to share their stories, release their pain, and seek resolutions to end senseless violence; while promoting safer communities for our children.


ChiQuitta Williams


Dallase Baker

Chairman of Board


Tara Person

Vice President/ Rizpah Coordinator


Brenda Sheffield

Board Member