Rizpah Network


The Art of Emotional Healing

Shifting Pain into Purpose

Black Girls Grieved (Grieved by Repeated Incidents of Everyday Violence that Ends lives & Disrupts families.) Black Girl Grieved- is a Resilient & Strong Group of Mothers, Siblings, Wives, & Daughters of loved ones, lost to violence, who are; Grieved by Repeated Incidents of Everyday Violence that Ends Lives & Disrupts Families.

We are fierce advocates that have become the voices of those who can no longer speak. Voices that tell the world, and everybody who will listen, that Our Children & Loved Ones were here; and that their lives mattered!!! We are Stronger together! Let’s continue to build and repair our broken homes and communities.

Trauma/Grief Workshops

Rizpah Network, develops & facilitates Trauma/Grief Workshops, designed to help individuals, families & communities cope with traumatic losses, move through grief, and promote healing. For workshop or training call 202-910-6527 or email us at healingarts@rizpahnetwork.org

The Art of Advocacy

Art Inspires & Creates Opportunities for Change

3N1 Memorial Tribute/Prayer Breakfast/Imagine Holiday Celebration.

Annual event that galvanizes the community to raise awareness, reach heaven, & seek resolutions to end the senseless violence, plaguing our communities.

F.A.C.E. S Project (Families & Children Ending Senseless Violence).

Creative, Energetic and Artistic Group of Children, Youth, and Adults who have been impacted by violence expressing their grief through dramatic, visual, and musical performances that not only raise awareness of violence but, help promote healing through the arts.

Rize & Shine- Stop Ending Lives Campaign

5-point platform strategy based on Rizpah core values, that seeks to help end gun violence. Monies raised during this campaign help to support Rizpah current and new initiatives.
S- top Ending Lives
H- Healing Through Arts
I- Invest in the Next
N- Never Forget Our Losses
E- Equip to Love & Lift

The Art of Remembrance

Capturing Lost Lives on Canvas.

With Every Brush Stroke” Rizpah Volunteer Artists have been capturing the images of loved ones lost to violence on canvas, as a means of helping families to memorialize and honor, those lives tragically ended.  These portraitures are treasured gifts to children & families and have been, a source of healing for so many Rizpah Families. Rizpah Artists contribute 1 or more portraits per year, depending on their availability and to date, have helped to complete over 100 portraitures for Rizpah families. If you have lost a loved one to violence, and would like a portraiture please submit request below.

Faces Not Forgotten Partnership Rizpah Network collaborates with Faces Not Forgotten, a group of artists who paint portraits of children under the age of 20, who have been lost to gun violence. The families receive the original portrait and a copy is used to create FNF quilts that are exhibited nationally to raise awareness of this horrific loss.

The Healing Art of Music

The Art of Giving Voice to the Soul

“Nothing Heals the Soul, like Good Music.”Rizpah “gives voice to the soul, “by hosting & attending events, that utilize music, as a healing tool to both inspire and uplift. Rizpah families have attended Night Out’s with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra, under the leadership of Irish Conductor, Peter Shannon and continue to explore avenues that provide both good music & a therapeutic release for our families.

The Healing Art of Generosity

The Art of Sharing & Caring

Rizpah Around the Christmas Tree

Holidays are the hardest time to navigate for children/families experiencing any loss, but traumatic loss adds an extra weight, that often sinks the joys of the season.

Each year Rizpah host, Rizpah around the Christmas Tree to share, show love, and put a smile, on the faces of children who have lost a parent(s) to violence. Just seeing, their faces “light up,” with joy, makes what we do worth it! Our sponsors continue to help make this event special for Rizpah Families, and we’d love for you, to join us as well. 

For more information about, how you can light up a child’s life during the Holiday Season. Contact us at 202-910-6527 or by email at chiquittawilliams@rizpahnetwork.org 

The Healing Art of Dance

Healing Expressions through Movement

Rizpah F.A.C.E.S use dance as creative artistry that allows for individual expression. It is also curative in that, it has the power to heal our mind heart, & soul.