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What does a retired city planner and navy veteran, who has worked on every continent, except Antarctica, a legally blind professional artist, with a developed methodology for visually articulating detail,  An author and artist, whose work’s main focus is the violence and dejection towards women, and a graphic artist from Milwaukee, all have in Common?

That’s simple, they are all among the 24 plus artists, championed by Ben Schumaker of the Memory Project to help create portraitures for Rizpah. 

This amazing and gifted group of professional artists, students, & enthusiastic hobbyists are not only creative, but compassionate & generous. They have contributed their time, talent and resources, to creating “art that heals,” for hundreds of Rizpah families, who have lost loved ones to senseless violence.

“With Every Brush Stroke,” as artist Nancy Woogen, penned to a grieving parent. These artist connect & capture faces they have never met, while praying for the families who have suffered such horrific losses.

If you’d like to join Artists who Heal, by volunteering your talent, please complete the form below.

Life/Lights Exhibit- December 2014

DoubleTree Hotel (Jackson, TN)

Life/Lights Exhibit- December 2015

DoubleTree Hotel (Jackson, TN)

Life/Lights Exhibit- December 2016

DoubleTree Hotel (Jackson, TN)

Life/Lights Exhibit- December 2017

DoubleTree Hotel (Jackson, TN)

Life/Lights Exhibit- December 2018

DoubleTree Hotel (Jackson, TN)

Faces Not Forgotten

Rizpah Network on Capitol Hill (Westlawn) End Senseless Violence -September 2019

Losing Pieces of Myself: Exhibit

New St Luke Baptist Church October 2019- (Jackson, TN) Help, Hope, & Healing in the Aftermath of Violence

Tis the Season to Remember: Life, Light, & Love Exhibit December 2019

Redeemed Christian Center Capitol Heights, MD

Narratives of Lament: The Pain of Gun Violence Through Art Exhibit - February 2020

Rock Baptist Church, Washington, DC & Peace Fellowship Church DC